21 May 2019 || 17:35
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Every translation is different. In most cases, a general business letter can be translated much more quickly than a highly specific specialist text for which considerable research is required. The format of your file can also affect the price of the translation. For example, a PDF first has to be converted into an editable format, which is more time-consuming than translating a simple Word document. Your quality requirements will also affect the price. A translation purely for information purposes will be cheaper than a linguistically polished document ready for publication.

Due to all these factors, I am unfortunately unable to give you a standard price. If you are interested in receiving a translation, please send me the file for translation and let me know your exact requirements. I will then provide you with a fixed price for your specific order. We can, of course, agree a long-term price per word for similar repeat orders.


>> Please send me your file by e-mail or give me a call on +49 451 9695035 to discuss further details.