What is the difference between translation and interpreting?

Translators transfer written text from a source to a target language, while interpreters provide their services verbally, for example, during meetings or presentations. Although certain requirements are common to both professions, the major difference is that interpreters have to react far more quickly, while the accuracy of wording is more important when translating. Not every translator interprets and vice versa.


Why should I employ a professional translator, if I can have my document translated free of charge on the Internet?

There are certainly situations where a free-of-charge translation from the Internet is a viable solution. However, you should definitely check the translation, so that any errors that could lead to misunderstandings are identified in good time.
Nevertheless, you should engage a professional translator in situations where linguistic quality is important. Consider what impact your documents will have on your company’s image. Inaccurate translations can put your company in a bad light, result in customer dissatisfaction or even claims for compensation. Just imagine if someone does not understand some important safety information about your product…


Why do you only translate into German?

German is my mother tongue. Like many of my colleagues, I feel that it is only possible to produce high quality translations that do not give the impression of being translated from another language in your mother tongue. I only translate into German for that reason, although I am happy to recommend a colleague with the appropriate mother tongue for translations into English or into French.


Do you offer desktop publishing?

No. I generally overtype the text in the original file, so that the original layout is retained as far as possible. Nevertheless, the layout may need to be reworked due to text expansion during translation. This is not part of a translator’s core function and should be carried out by a DTP specialist.


Could you translate my contract into German?

Unfortunately not. I only translate documents from the subject areas, in which I have sufficient knowledge and this is principally technical documents. Business and law are not my areas of expertise.


How do you calculate your fee?

My fee is normally calculated on a rate per word based on the source document’s word count, although the word rate will depend on the document’s level of difficulty. I am therefore able to give you an exact price for the translation at the start of a project. It is also possible to charge on a rate per line or hourly basis on request.

I charge for proofreading and terminology work on an hourly basis.

Korrekturlese- und Terminologiepflegearbeiten rechne ich auf Stundenbasis ab.


Up to what point can the translation be cancelled?

As a translation is a service undertaken specifically for you, cancellation will only be accepted up to the point work has begun. In the event that a translation is cancelled after work has begun, I will invoice you for any work carried out before cancellation.


Can I make a complaint about a translation?

It goes without saying that I would like you to be absolutely satisfied with my services. This is why I would ask that you check the translation within 14 days of receipt. Please notify me, should you find anything you do not find satisfactory. I will then make every effort to revise the text accordingly. Please also read my terms and conditions concerning this point.


What are your payment terms?

Payment should be made by bank transfer 14 days from the invoice date. You shall bear any bank charges for transfers from abroad. If this is your first order, I may ask for a down payment, depending on the order volume.

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